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NRI Builders & Developers is one of the best real estate development company based in Hyderabad. We have put all our knowledge and experience of 10 years in real estate, to deliver quality services on a personalized basis on the requirement of our client. Recognized as one of the best property ventures, NRI Builders & Developers stood top in streamlined property searches. Our real estate portal include Residential Apartments, Villa Plots, Open Plots, Commercial buildings, Residential Buildings, Individual Homes, Luxury villas and more that help Buyers, Sellers, Renters, and landlords reach their property goals. We deal with building affordable properties, several Ventures, Townships, communities in various fast growing neighbourhoods in Hyderabad. We have several Iconic projects spanning across major business areas, all together put our company a Home of Property search. We are doing multiple projects to build a profitable and sustainable business for our clients that stand for value-added projects.

With the best of Open plots Ventures in and around Hyderabad, We have built massive range of ventures for Villa Homes, Farm lands, Residential Houses each meet the needs of clients. With the constant growing in standard of living, We provide many modern and world class amenities to have a comfortable life in Hyderabad. With the Mega Ventures, Prestigious projects and Premium open plot ventures, we stood as one of the leading realtors of Open plots layouts weighing to its developments as per HMDA norms. NRI Builders & Developers have several already sold out HMDA projects guaranteeing you good neighbours in future.

Being directed and managed by Real estate experts, NRI Builders & Developers offers a comprehensive list of properties. The property resources with our marketing analysts created a standard database of property trends and resources that stands in range of every customer approaching to fulfil their requirement. The Marketing management team ensures in finding the information and tools to make informed real estate decisions. Marketing analysts at NRI Builders & Developers allows property owners to manage their properties tracking the property value over time by researching and managing with other similar properties in the neighbourhood.


The expert realtors with us help you find perfect property that matches your search requirement. We have a team of property specialists to ensure our trusted and transparent advisory service. We design and build customer centric properties that are structurally secure, strategically located and competently developed. We simplify the property construction and managing by using the right mix of technological innovation and human touch. We provide better Investment opportunities with our premium ventures and projects that stands out in generating high returns for the Investors.


Open plots

Investing in open plots continually remains yielding the higher returns in long run. Our Open plot ventures in and around Hyderabad are surrounded by major commercial locations offering some of the finest of its kind plots.

Fram lands

Investing in farm lands is a part of traditional investment portfolio. Farmlands are favorably diverse and correlates with real estate. We at NRI choose the areas of continuous growth rate and the farm lands there are the best option for investment.

Villa Plots

Villas are the luxurious homes built to feel the breeze of urban and rural living at a time. NRI Builders & Developers have the strategically planned ready to construct Villa plot ventures in growing localities that give comfortable living with world class amenities.

Commecial buidings

We are known for constructing the commercial spaces for different levels of corporates with all metropolitan facilities. Our open plot ventures for commercial buildings were located in heart of the town areas and expanding to all over Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Residentials Buildings

NRI Builders & Developers is known for best facilitated gated communities in Hyderabad. We choose the locations that are pleasant to live with easier investment opportunities that brings out all modern amenities.

Individual Homes

A home is a dream for everyone. Your dream home is now easier with NRI Builders & Developers. We keenly observe the requirement of you and help you choose the better home suitable for you.

Luxury villas

NRI Builder&Developers has gained proficiency even in doing the best commercial buildings in Hyderabad. We are the most excellent real estate builders, even for the residential buildings in Hyderabad.

Our Visionary Team

Mr Mohamed Imran

Mr. Mohamed Imran is a Visionary Leader and has about 15 years of experience in Real Estate and Construction Business. Mr. Mohamed relentlessly works for the firm and constantly focuses on the changing trends of Real Estate. With an aim of delivering better experiences, Mr. Mohamed Imran always pushes the team to innovate more out of technology and innovation. His passion towards property search and property building made Mr. Mohamad Imran a dedicated and committed member of the firm. Mr. Mohamad Imran always looks towards building a forward-thinking company which turned him to be the best leader.

Mr Syed Zubair

Mr Syed Zubair, being a lead advisor for property buyers and sellers stays ahead line to work hassle-free with customers and realtors. With over an experience of 15 years, Mr Syed Zubair has involved altogether aspects of land from new developments to maintaining/reselling the prevailing property in market. Mr Syed Zubair is additionally one among our expert team of market analysts guiding the simplest practices in standing top in real estate market. Mr Syed Zubair usually guides by conceptualizing and visualizing the important estate trends to strengthen the general framework of the company’s rate of growth . Mr Syed Zubair have the experience on real estate branding and sales thus brings the simplest standards and practices within the company.


The Expert Team at NRI Builders & Developers envisioned to build a trusted property empire that matches all customers approaching. Our standard visionary statement outlines all important set of our goals, our performance management systems, to ensure the team alignment with respect to the goals set.


The Management, Promoters and Core people at NRI Builders & Developers derived a set principles that became our values of service which in no time became the reasons for our success.
Our Missionary statements shaped out of our goal to stand tall in terms of Integrity & Transparency. Being Committed and Respectful to all and at the firm, the team at NRI Builders & Developers work together for continuous improvement & scaling the heights. We constantly endeavour in creating an exponential value and happiness respecting the resources and focussing more on customer delight.

NRI Builder & Developers is one of the best real estate development company. Recognized as one of the best property ventures, NRI Builder & Developers stood top in streamlined property searches. Our real estate portal include Residential Apartments, Villa Plots, Open Plots, Commercial buildings, Residential Buildings, Individual Homes, Luxury villas and more that help Buyers, Sellers, Renters, and landlords reach their property goals.

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